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Meet Sausalito's Greatest Forgotten Artist: Enid Foster

Meet Sausalito’s greatest forgotten artist, Enid Foster in an illustrated talk by the authors Allan Haye and Carol Hayes of a new book: Enid Foster: Artist, Sculptor, Poet, Playwright, Creative Force, Ringleader, Cultural Icon    

Enid Foster (1895-1979)   Photo

Enid Foster (1895-1979)

Known for her sculpture, monotype pen drawings, & oils, Enid grew up in Sausalito California where she lived with her parents in a home named The Hacienda

“In Sausalito during the 1950s, Enid Foster stood at the center of a magic world of poetry, performance, and visual wonder that owed as much to her powerful personality as it did to her brilliant art. In another time, that magic might have brought her fame, but in the 1950s, that art was too far beyond the mainstream. The curators, critics, and gallery owners who had recognized her as an internationally important sculptor thirty years before now only saw Sausalito’s town character: a white-haired 60-year-old in frayed blue jeans, beat-up tennis shoes, and a railroad man’s work shirt walking an old dog through town on her way to the bookstore―an amusing eccentric who made irrelevant art. They missed the magic, but those who understood it never forgot it. This book exists because the authors were among the fortunate few who fell under her spell. Enid’s story needs to be told. Her art speaks for itself.” .

There will be an exhibit of Enid’s work in the Sausalito Historical Exhibit Room after the presentation.

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Sausalito Historical Society & Ice House Plaza Celebration at the Pines


Join us at Sausalito's elegant historic mansion, The Pines, to benefit the Sausalito Historical Society and completion of the Ice House Plaza in the heart of Sausalito's historic downtown.

Guests can explore the beautifully restored 4 story Queen Anne Victorian house, enjoy wine and hors d'oeurves and bid on fabulous silent auction prizes and 3 live auction destination vacations.

Ice House Plaza -Artist Concept

Ice House Plaza -Artist Concept

The Pines 33 Miller Ave

The Pines 33 Miller Ave

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