3 Great Ways to Support the Sausalito Historical Society: A non-profit alive with the past since 1975.

1. General Donations

As a 501(c)3 orgnanization, the Sausalito Historical Socisty is dependent on the generouisity of its members and friends. Your tax debuctible donation will help insure that the history of Sausalito is captured and maintained for generations to come.

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2. Schools Program Donations 

The Sausalito Historical Society's Schools Program introduces the 3rd grade students in the Sausaliuto area to the history of Sausalito from its buildings to its people new and old.  This wondeful program is funded by donations from friends and members.

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3. Exhibits Donations 

Exhibits at the Sausalito Historical  Society Rooms in City Hall, provide visitors and local citizens the opportunity to see and learn more about many of the interesting people, events and places from Sausalito's colorful past.  These Exhibits are made possible by your donatons.

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