Sausalito Historical Society
Image Use Fees

Private use (Personal and Non-Commercial)           

            Members                                                                                 $10.00 each

            Non-members                                                                         $20.00 each


Non-Profit or Scholarly                                                                     $  5.00 each


Schools, city offices, libraries, gov’t agencies, other historical societies

                        up to 10 images                                                          $  0.00 each

                        each additional after 10 images                                 $  5.00 each


Commercial Use        

            Advertising, brochures, flyers, commercial décor, 

            exhibits, newspapers, magazines,  periodicals, books          $50.00 each


            Commercial media, including images for use in CD-ROMS

            television, video, films, and web use                                     $50.00 each


            Educational use or use deemed to be of historical value,

            such as books and other publications of a local nature         $ 25.00 each

The Sausalito Historical Society reserves the right to prohibit any commercial or non-commercial use at its discretion or to waive or modify commercial fees for projects of exceptional historical or local value. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis .In addition to the applicable fees, the Sausalito Historical Society must receive an electronic and a hard copy of each published piece. All published materials from the Sausalito Historical Society must be accompanied by a proper credit line including the photographer’s name if available and the words Courtesy of the Sausalito Historical Society. Any scholarly publication should include the SHS accession number as well.