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Walking Tour of Caledonia Street

Walk along Caledonia Street and learn the history of the buildings along these special 5 blocks of Sausalito.   Remember the Eight Ball Bowling Alley, the NWP Freight Depot, Budworth's Store, Jewett's Blacksmith Shop and Gatsby's? Those are just a few of the establishments that dotted the street over the years.

Caledonia Street - Late 1920's

The tour is intended to be self-guided. During the Tour’s two-hour duration, docents from the Society, identified by white sashes emblazoned with “CALEDONIA”, will be stationed on each block of Caledonia. They will be able to tell you more about the history of that particular block, share historic photographs, and answer any questions you may have.

A new exhibit about the History of Caledonia Street is now available at the Society’s office on the top floor of City Hall. The office will be open today from 10:00AM to 1:00PM. Although it is not necessary to start the Tour there, we recommend that you do so in order to take advantage of the larger photos and general overview that the exhibit provides.

The following, showing today’s addresses and occupants, is keyed to the numbered buildings shown on the late 1920’s photo. All of those structures remain today with their

exteriors largely unchanged, more than 85 years later:

1 – #33/#35/#37 – Sausalito Optometry/Caledonia Street Barbers/Café DiVino

2 – #36/#40 – Experience Salon/ Leneski Chiropractor

3 – #46 – Sausalito Market [Perry Building]

4 – #101 – Theater [vacant]

5 – #108 – Offices [Lawrence Building]

6 – #113 – Apartments

7 – Intersection of Turney and Caledonia– all four buildings were in place in the late 1920’s -- #116 (Isabel Allende Foundation [Linsley House]); #117 (Apartments); #200 (Driver’s Market); #201 (Fine Framing & Tyray Jewelers)

8 – #212/ #214/ #218 – L&L Property Management/ Smitty’s Bar/ Sausalito Bright Cleaners

9 – #307/ #309 – Residences

10 – #310/ #314/ #318 – Sausalito Picture Framing/ Rimma’s Hair Design/ Waterstreet Hardware

11 – 420 Litho Street – Sausalito City Hall

Complete PowerPoint Presentation (Images)

Commentary on the PowerPoint Presentation

Caledonia Street List of Buildings