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MICROBES: Keys to Our Health & The Health of the Planet

With Dr. Ted Schettler, science director at the Environment Health Network

Dennis Dierks, Paradise Valley farmer propagating microbes for biodiversity

Dr. Sadja Greenwood, physician and writer, consultant

John Hedlund, founder & CEO Biodinami, an international agronomy & soil science company  

Moderated by Steve Heilig, healthcare ethicist, epidemiologist, and environmentalist 

Join us for a lively conversation on the essential role of microbes in the health of the soil and the planet. Learn about soil microbes from Bolinas farmer Dennis Dierks who has been harvesting and growing beneficial local microbes and treating the soil and the plants on his organic farm for over 20 years with amazing results. Dr. Ted Schettler,  will bring us up to date on the role of microbes in our guts and how they affect our body's health, our emotions, and our minds. Hear from Dr. Sadja Greenwood, a practitioner in the field, about supporting your gut biome and eating nutrient-dense foods that come from healthy soils. John Hedlund, founder and CEO Biodinami, an international agronomy and soil science company will share his pioneering research.