Celebrate Veteran's Day with the residents of Marin City as they close out the Marinship75 Celebrationscky Graham Park


Celebrate Veteran' Day with the residents of Marin City as they close out the Marinship75 Celebrations

The speakers are Marin City children, ages 7 to 11, in a play they helped write
depicting the creation of Marinship, a Sausalito shipyard built during World War II, and the subsequent construction of Marin City to house the workers, many of them black and from the South.

"The Lost Stories of Marinship" is a dramatic documentary with humor, dance and
music that celebrates the people, most of them poor, who left their homes to help
their country and became the founders of Marin City.

"The many contributions by the African American Marinship workers have been lost
throughout history," said Felecia Gaston, excecutive director of Performing Stars of
Marin, which is producing the play along with the Bay Area Discovery Museum and
Active Arts: Theatre for Young Audiences in Berkeley.

"These people came out to do hard and honest work, to build the ships to fight for
the United States of America. This is a great story."

The play reaches back more than 60 years through the memories of those who were
there to bring to life a different time, when the nation was hurriedly trying to
assemble the wherewithal to fight a war in Europe and the Pacific.

This play will be re-produced under the direction of the Marin Theater Company.