In the News - December 25, 1915

by Billie Anderson

Electricity for Domestic Purposes Cheaper

At a meeting of representatives from the Town Trustees of Mill Valley, Belvedere and Sausalito, held in the San Francisco Yacht Club recently, Mr. V. Walton, General Manager of the Pacific Electric Co., stated that his company was making a strong campaign for the use of electricity for domestic purposes and the company would soon put in a rate for electricity for cooking, heating and domestic power which would appeal to everyone and increase the use of electricity in the home. The rate will be four cents per kilowatt for the first thirty kilowatts. The minimum guarantee has changed from three dollars a month to twenty-four dollars whether it is used in one month or during the whole period.


Ballot Errors Do Not Count

Mistakes are no ground for invalidation, unless a ballot cast at an election in California is so marked as to warrant the inference by a trial court that the voter casting it marked it designedly for the purpose of identifying it. The Supreme Court says that rejection of ballots must not be so regarded unless it is “clearly shown” that the voter intended the marks to identify the ballot and thus gain reward for a purchased vote.


New Supt. of Parks Taking Garden Pots in Hand

With the aid of Francois Colet, a trained gardener, a comprehensive scheme has been outlined for coordination of all the separate gardens. The rank overgrowth that has been allowed to accumulate since the parks were taken over by the Town from the Arbor Society has been pruned away. Such shrubs as have outgrown their usefulness have been cut down and will be replaced by others, properly arranged. If the work is allowed to progress without interference, it is stated that the beauty of the result will greatly outweigh the small inconvenience now caused by the clipped bushes. It is the plan of Mrs. Story to devote each park to a particular shrub, and to thin out the overcrowded parks.


8th Wonder of the World

Crater Lake National park has been termed by many the eighth wonder of the world. Nestling in the heart

of a great mountain which, in ages past, was a living volcano, 6,000 feet above the sea, with its sapphire surface unruffled, reflecting the many-hued surfaces of the 1,000 feet high crater walls which surrounded it, it is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite gems of color to be found in the world. The people of the United States are particularly fortunate in the possession of their national parks in that almost every one of them has a marked and striking individuality and contains within its boundaries some features which will leave a lasting impression and will be a source of joy and pleasure.


"In Light of the Moon"

One of the most tenacious beliefs is that the weather is affected by the movement of the moon. It is generally considered that frost is more likely to occur in the "light of the moon" than at any other time. For this reason crops, which the frost is likely to destroy, are planted at such a time as to be certain to avoid a full moon. The moon reflects sunlight to the earth and produces the tides. It has been proven conclusively these two have no relation to the change of weather. It is quite easy to understand that reflected sunlight from the moon cannot affect the weather. In the first place, more light is received from the sun in thirty minutes than from the moon.


Local Briefs

• Cottage, 3 rooms furnished $15.00; new nicely furnished 2 room apt $17.50.

• Hot Point Electric Irons: $3.00.

•Nearly a hundred poor children were made happy at a Christmas Tree Party in the Masonic Hall, San Rafael, under

the auspices of Marinita Parlo, Native Daughters, last Monday evening.

• Frederick Herlick, Manager of  the Owl Restaurant, reports that business has increased so that he was compelled to secure larger quarters in the Lindsay building recently occupied by Mecchi & Co.


December, 1915

 – Ku Klux Clan receives Charter from Fulton County, Georgia

 –  Henry Ford’s Peace Ship

 – 1st  Allmetal aircraft test flown in Dessau, Germany