In the News October 23, 1915: Sausalito welcomes Edison

By Billie Anderson Sausalito Historical Society

Sausalito Welcomes Edison and Ford

Edison, Burbank and Ford

Cadets from the Mt. Tamalpais and the Hitchcock Military academies, along with bands and hundreds of citizens extended a royal welcome to Thomas Alva Edison, who was on his way with Henry Ford and party to visit Luther Burbank, the plant wizard.

He was given a very hearty and royal reception by the Sausalito school children as he passed through here on Friday. Hundreds of school children, wearing American flags and a banner bearing the inscription “Sausalito School Children Greet Edison and Ford, met his kindly eyes. He appreciated their grand welcome as he passed through the line, shaking hands with several of the little tots. It was hard to decide who were the happiest the children or Mr. Edison. Mrs. Edison was greatly pleased with the grand welcome as she gazed over the mass of youngsters and in the back of them hundreds of citizens who were glad to get the opportunity of seeing the great man.

Mosquito abatement district petition

In accordance with an Act entitled “An Act to Provide for the Formation, Government, Operation and Dissolution Of Mosquito Abatement Districts The Town of Sausalito does hereby represent to and petition your Honorable Board to create a Mosquito Abatement District to be composed of that portion of Marin County, State of California beginning at the southeast corner of the Town of Sausalito.

School dress code opposed

Mrs. Edward Hyatt, Assistant State Superintendent of Public Instruction, created a stir at the meeting of the Parents’ Auxiliary of the high school last Friday when she objected to a uniform style of dress for girl pupils. “No one is going to tell me what my girls shall wear at school,” she said. “This is a free country and it is an infringement on the rights of parents for this organization or anyone else to tell mothers what kind of dresses their girls shall wear at school.”

The auxiliary seeks to keep some of the high school girls from wearing fashionable dresses, saying that girls who are compelled to wear simple dresses are snubbed by the “society” girls, and feel bad because they can’t dress attractively. “My girls wear plain dresses,” said Mrs. Hyatt. “But if they wore the highest priced gowns and ankle watches, used paint and powder and did their hair up in the latest style it would be nobody’s business but our own.” Mrs. Hyatt’s husband remarks: “She is just about right.”

Just go on and wear your hair as you will in any way most becoming to you for the goddess of fashion will nod indifferent approval on anything. The bobbed coiffure made its debut. It is so novel and so different, no one could help noticing. It is a lovely style for youthful faces. A few young women were willing to go the length of cutting off —”bobbing”—the hair at the sides for the sake of the style. Older women have remained faithful to waved hair combed in a small pompadour and dressed with a knot, rather high on the head. – Julia Bottomly

Fair realizes $1100

The bazaar conducted by the ladies of St Mary Star of the Sea Parish was a success judging from the final statement of Mrs. J. R. Hanify who states that $1100 was realized. The ladies are very grateful to the public for their kind co-operation and especially the Sausalito Woman’s Club for donating the use of the hall and to the Marin Hardware Co., who handled the electrical work.

Life mask premiere

A well-known New Yorker entertaining some friends showed them his life mask and then told them with feeling how the mask had been made. “They put me in a chair, tied a towel around my head, plugged my ears with greased wool and stuck a quill in each nostril.”

Shut your eyes, said the workman, drawing near with a ladle and a large steaming tureen of pink plaster the consistency of thick soup and he slapped the stuff on my face. I could feel it running down my collar and over my chest just as soup would have done. I motioned with my hands wildly. The man laughed. ‘That’s all right, boss,’ he said, and kept slapping the hot, horrible, slimy stuff upon me. He stopped when my face was covered with a half-inch coat of plaster. He told me it would harden in a few minutes. It did, but the minutes were awful. As the plaster dried it seemed to shrink, shrinking my skin with it. And the heat of the thing! And the difficulty in breathing through the quills stuck in my nostrils! Then very carefully, very slowly he drew the hardened cast from my face. I gripped the chair arms and shrieked.

Nine hurled to their death by waves

Schooner Alliance No. 2 strikes Point Arena Fangs in Fog. Sinks in five minutes. Eleven persons were on board. Four bodies of the drowned have been recovered. Two men have been saved. The loss included two women. All on board managed to climb onto the rock, but were swept off by the waves. Jones clung to a waterlogged lifeboat for two hours and was picked up by the Point Arena life-saving crew. Mediner managed to swim ashore. There seems no possible chance for any more to be rescued.

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