Sausalito in the News – August 27, 1954

By Billie Anderson Sausalito Historical Society

Firemen respond to fires on Sunday

A furnace fire, which scorched a unit in Building 5 of the Marin Dormitories, was subdued within 15 minutes by the Sausalito Fire Department Sunday morning. The fire was reported at 9:49 a.m.

Forty-six minutes later, three Marin City fire trucks were dispatched to a fire which consumed a half acre of grass on a ridge above Marin City. It was doused by 11:28 a.m.

Women’s federation discusses plans

Club women visiting from foreign countries have evinced interest in the entire Bay Area. It will therefore be the duty of Mrs. Rixford and Mrs. McGeorge to be “ambassadors of good will” to visitors. Mrs. Lightbody, civil defense chairman, was appointed to represent the County Federation at the forthcoming Disaster Workshop at Phoenix Lake, September 18, under the auspices of the Red Cross. The first regular meeting of the new season will be held on Wednesday, October 13 at the Sausalito Woman’s Club.

Orphanage all-year project

The Albertinum School and Orphanage at Ukiah will become a year-round project of a newly organized auxiliary of Star of the Young Ladies Institute (YLI). Due to the orphanage’s extreme poverty, the Sausalito YLI decided to assist it throughout the year, announced Mrs. Peter Fugina, president. Members expect to visit the orphanage in the near future to ascertain its needs. Any contributions of children’s clothing will be gratefully accepted by the auxiliary.

Handy checklist for gardeners

Water the lawn with a stationary sprinkler so that the water penetrates at least five inches. Don’t forget roses during the summer time. Water and spray regularly and fertilize at monthly intervals. Lift Gladiolus bulbs after the tops have turned yellow. Dust with DDT or lindane and store in shallow trays until Spring.

Support for State Liquor Board

“The State Liquor Board members have been subject to influence by the very people they were supposed to regulate” stated Paul Leake of Ukiah. “Passage of this bill will enable the Board of Equalization to return to its proper province, the collecting and reassigning of one billion dollars yearly of your tax money. When you, as voting citizens, force the Board to function as it was designed to function, you are not just doing a favor for yourselves. You are carrying out an obligation to your State.”

What’s he doing?

You might not guess it, but those men are going to school. They’re learning how to climb telephone poles safely and to string lines that will carry your calls. Such training gives telephone people the skills they need to do their jobs faster, better, cheaper and more safely, too. Thus, they’re better able to bring you good telephone service that’s low in price. Pacific Telephone works to make your telephone a bigger value every day.

How long has it been since you heard the voices of far-away loved ones and friends you haven’t seen for ages? A visit by long distance is the next best thing to being there in person. It means so much and costs so little. You can call coast to coast —clear to Boston for example for only $2.00 plus tax. That’s the rate for a three-minute “station” call.

On This Date – August 1954

8-29– San Francisco International Airport (SFO) opens

8-31–Hurricane Carol Kills 70 (East Coast)

9-1 – Hurricane Carol Kills 70 (New England)9

9-2 – Hurricane Carol Kills 20 (First Storm Name To Be Retired)


– Derek Warwick, Race Car Driver

–John Lloyd, England Tennis Star (Former husband of Chris Evert)

– Mike Kelly, Wayne Michigan Artist